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"You're dead and still serving. The Emdee-fours should have let you die."
―The customs official, muttering under his breath to "Antar Roat"[1]

A male individual served as a customs official on the capital world of Imperial Center (also known as Coruscant)[1] in 7 ABY. In that year,[2] he boarded a Dairkan Starliner, the Jewel of Churba, when it entered the Coruscant system.

While on the Starliner, he requested identification from New Republic Commander Wedge Antilles, who was disguised as Imperial Colonel Antar Roat, a fictional identity created for the purpose of inserting Antilles onto Imperial Center. After mispronouncing Roat's name, the customs official quickly determined that everything checked out, though Roat also offered to show him his bags and explained that he understood the need for security, and if there was trouble, he would help. As the official left, he made a passing remark that Roat was still serving when he should be dead, and that the Emdee-four medical droids should have let him die.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The customs official's first and only appearance was in the novel X-Wing: Wedge's Gamble, written by Michael A. Stackpole and released in May 1996.[1]


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