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"Bail Jumper, I'm not your enemy. My name is Jaina Solo, and I'm a student pilot on my way to a family vacation It doesn't get much less threatening than that."
"Negative. My scanners identify you as Onyx Star, a ship stolen from my employer by agents of Icaris Tool and Drive."
―Jaina Solo and the cyborg pilot[src]

During the reign of the New Republic a cyborg Human male operated the modified T-65B X-wing starfighter Bail Jumper. As a result of his cyborg conversion, the cyborg suffered from Cybernetic Psychosis, rendering the man insane. Driven by his poor mental state, in 24 ABY the cyborg flew his vessel to the Yavin system under the belief that he had been tasked by the Tenloss Syndicate to prevent the manufacturing concern Subpro Corporation from taking possession of the Onyx Star, a prototype Z-95 Headhunter that had been stolen fifty years earlier. On arrival in the system, the cyborg encountered and immediately attacked the Z-95 Crystal, which was being piloted by the Jedi trainee Jaina Solo, who was en-route to a family vacation. Ignoring Solo's protests to the contrary, the cyborg convinced himself that Solo's fighter was the Onyx Star and after the pair engaged in a brief dogfight, the Bail Jumper was destroyed and the cyborg was forced to eject into space.



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