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This dead red moon lay in the Sixela system, in the Outer Rim Territories. Orbiting the third planet in the system, the moon's terrain consisted entirely of barren red rock, without any flora or fauna to break up the terrain, although the atmosphere could support life. By 1 ABY, the moon's indigenous species had been extinct for millennia, although their underground tunnels remained. During the Galactic Civil War, the moon was taken over by Galactic Empire Commander Rezi Soresh. Soresh was fleeing the Sith Lord Darth Vader and landed on the moon to regain his power. After capturing the Arkanian colony vessel Endeavor, Soresh contacted the Rebel Alliance pilot Luke Skywalker and threatened to kill his hostages if Skywalker didn't travel to Soresh's outpost. Once Skywalker arrived with his companions, the Heroes of Yavin, Soresh captured them and attempted to brainwash Skywalker. As part of his plan for revenge, Soresh drew both the Imperial fleet and the Rebel Alliance Fleet to the system and planned on destroying the two opposing fleets by creating a supernova using resonance torpedoes. Skywalker managed to escape during the battle, and Soresh was killed as he attempted to board the the Rebel's starship, the Millennium Falcon. Soresh ultimately succeeded in blowing the system's sun but the fleets escaped to hyperspace before the moon was vaporized.


This barren red rock moon orbited the third planet in the Sixela system, located in the Outer Rim Territories. Its terrain consisted of craters, with a layer of thin dust. A thin atmosphere made the moon viable for Human life, but nothing disturbed the acrid air, and there was no flora or fauna on the moon.


This moon supported a civilization, but any life was extinct for millennia before the moon was visited again in 1 ABY. Twenty-seven days Commander Rezi Soresh found this moon after his exile from the Galactic Empire. As the atmosphere could support life, he spent time converting it to his personal use to gain revenge for his exile, establishing an outpost on the equator. He eventually captured a colony vessel full of 100 civilians to use as hostages to draw Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker to the system. After he was contacted, Skywalker wanted to go to save the hostages, but his companions would not let him go alone.

The Millennium Falcon arrived on the moon. The Rebel operative Han Solo disembarked and met a hooded man. Two T-65 X-wing starfighters then strafed the compound, angering the hooded man. The impostor was subsequently gunned down by Solo. Skywalker and Leia Organa disembarked from the X-wings to analyze the situation, but a series of mines started exploding amongst the hostages. They rushed to assist, and Skywalker was hit with a Force pike by a disguised Soresh. Skywalker's companions were captured by Soresh's drugged bodyguards. Soresh began brainwashing Skywalker, attempting to turn him into an assassin.

Using a brainwashed Rebel scout, Soresh passed on information to the Alliance Fleet regarding a secret meeting of the Imperial High Command. In his control center, Soresh also contacted Darth Vader.

The Rebels were imprisoned on the moon for two weeks in total. During that time, Soresh presented Skywalker to his friends and ordered him to kill them; a timely distraction by the Rebel's droids, who had remained hidden, allowed them to escape. Skywalker saved Solo and revealed his ruse, but asked Solo to shoot him in the shoulder to stay with Soresh and investigate further. Soresh later found a semi-conscious Skywalker and commented on his loyalty. Back on Yavin 4, the Alliance Fleet was preparing for an attack. The former Jedi Ferus Olin was suspicious of the intercepted information, and a visit by a spectral Obi-Wan Kenobi convinced him to trust his instincts. With his mercenary friend Div, Ferus Olin launched an unsanctioned reconnaissance mission to the moon. Picking up a distress signal on a Rebel frequency, Olin landed and met with Solo and Organa.

When the opposing fleets arrived, Skywalker betrayed Soresh. Instead of launching the resonance torpedoes, Skywalker turned on Soresh's bodyguards. Angered, Soresh ran off and launched his resonance torpedoes to destroy everything in the system. Skywalker and Solo then joined the battle waging in orbit between the two fleets. When the torpedoes hit the system's sun, they started a chain reaction which would force the sun to detonate in 40 minutes.

Both fleets withdrew, allowing Skywalker to return to the surface and rescue the remaining hostages. Darth Vader had also landed to confront Soresh, but found and dueled Olin instead. With minutes to spare, the Rebels were boarding the Millennium Falcon when Soresh appeared. He attempted to shoot Skywalker, but was blasted instead by Solo. After the Falcon escaped to hyperspace, the moon and everything else in the system were turned into radiation and dust when the sun went supernova. Unbeknownst to the Rebels, Vader also escaped.


The moon was inhabited once, but the civilization was long dead by the time of the Galactic Civil War. When Rezi Soresh landed here in his ancient CloakShape fighter, he took over the moon for his purposes. He captured the Arkanian vessel Endeavor, and held the 100 passengers hostage on the moon. Soresh was killed and the hostages evacuated before the system exploded.


The ancient inhabitants established an elaborate system of underground tunnels. Soresh used the tunnels under his outpost on the moon's equator. Soresh used the data he acquired in his duty as an Imperial bureaucrat to blackmail others for the resources to establish his outpost, which consisted of a cluster of small fortified buildings, electrified pens, and laser cannons.

Behind the scenesEdit

The moon's location and features were established in its sole appearance, Alex Wheeler's Rebel Force: Uprising. Early in the book it is said it orbits the third planet in the system, but later it is mentioned as orbiting the sixth planet. A number of other discrepancies also exist throughout the book. The moon was later mentioned in the 2012 reference book The Essential Reader's Companion.



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