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A sentient species with one eye stalk included Niado Duegad, a native of the planet Vodran, among its members.

Biology and appearanceEdit

This species had one hazel eye, on a single eyestalk, much like dianogas. They had two anterior flipper-like appendages, along with a long and flexible tail. They possessed a wide open mouth at the base of their eyestalk, with several sharp teeth surrounding it. On each side of their mouths grew a small appendage. Their skin was a reddish-brown color, and they had black stripes on their back. They had enhanced adrenal glands that allowed for short bursts of amazing strength.

Society and cultureEdit

This species controlled their environment through terraforming facilities.


One member of this species was the mercenary, Niado Duegad, from the planet Vodran. Another member of this species was on Hurd's Moon.



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