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―The space duck, warning Tana of the Empire[src]

A duck-like individual was present on Rion in 1 ABY. When the planet was hit by the Galactic Empire with the Ionic Ring Ship, turning it into an ice planet and depriving the locals of food, the duck joined a crowd of upset individuals demanding to be fed. It later alerted Tana, the operator of a local resort, that Mira Volz, a fugitive of the Empire, was being sought by a group of stormtroopers, and with its warning she was able to escape.



The space duck, running to warn Tana

In 0 ABY, the Galactic Empire seized the Ionic Ring Ship of noted inventor Renn Volz, which housed the Ion Ring, a device that could alter the climate of a planet. The Empire wanted to turn the ship on worlds with a Rebel Alliance presence; their first target was the world of Rion. The Ion Ring turned the once-tropical planet into an icy world, freezing the planet's food supply and driving its people into desperation, amongst them this duck-like being, who was at Tana's Resort, a resort facility on the world operated by Tana. The Empire then demanded the arrest of all Rebels on the planet and sent down stormtroopers to enforce this.[1]

When Han Solo's vessel, the Millennium Falcon, carrying Renn Volz's daughter Mira—on the run from the Empire ever since the capture of her father—arrived on Rion, a number of resort patrons, including the duck, stormed the ship, demanding food and bemoaning their plight. Solo was directed towards Tana, who was in the resort, and the duck followed. Within the resort it met with a number of other aliens.[1]

However, the Empire was close behind Mira Volz. The duck soon left the resort, and while outside overheard another local informing a squad of stormtroopers that Volz was in the resort. It ran back to Tana and warned her of the stormtroopers on the way, and thanks to the being's alert, Tana was able to help Solo and Volz escape.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

The duck-like being was loyal to Tana, eager to warn her of any Imperial dangers to her guests. Unlike its fellow locals of Rion, it would not accept the betrayal of Mira Volz to the Empire in exchange for food, even though, like them, it was desperate for it. The duck was only known to speak in its own language, and was never known to speak Basic. The duck was covered in white feathers and had black-colored eyes.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The space duck was created for Russ Manning's comic strip The Second Kessel Run, published in 1980. It was not given a name, nor was its species or gender established.[1]


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