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Prior to joining the Scyre, Phasma and her brother Keldo were part of a smaller and weaker family that resided in the families only territory directly around the Nautilus on the planet Parnassos. As their mother, father, aunts and uncles were too old and weak to fight and their younger cousin was too small to contribute, Phasma and Keldo, despite being only children, were forced to rise to the occasion and defend their territory from raids from the Scyre and Claw. During one such raid, the younger cousin was captured by the Dug Balder for the Claw.[1]

Fifteen years before Vi Moradi's capture by the Absolution, the family had lost half of its members within the past year alone and were eventually killed when Phasma orchestrated the famiy's death so that she and Keldo could survive but still live in the Nautilus. After the Scyre had killed their family, Phasma and Keldo pledged their allegiance to the Sycre by painting themselves with oracle salve made from their family.[1]

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Phasma's father[1]
Phasma's mother[1]
Phasma's younger cousin[1]


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