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This female individual served as a Inquisitor in the Galactic Empire's Inquisitorius. While on Dathomir she encountered Jerserra of the Nardithi Nightsisters, a sect of the Nightsisters, taking her as her secret apprentice. The Inquisitor spent years teaching Jerserra combat tactics and lightsaber use, hoping to use Jerserra as an asset against her fellow Inquisitors. The female Inquisitor was later slain by Jerserra once she felt that her abilities outpaced her master's, and covered up the murder.[2]


Ghosts of Dathomir FC character art

Jerserra claimed the Inquisitor's lightsaber after she killed her.

While on a mission on Dathomir, this Inquisitor met Jerserra, a member of the Nardithi Nightsisters who were a subgroup of the Nightsisters. She ended up taking Jerserra off Dathomir to begin training of combat tactics and lightsabre use with the intention of using Jerserra as a tool to plot against her fellow Inquisitors. Some of this Inquisitor's treachery appeared to have rubbed off on Jerserra and as soon as she thought she had learned everything from the Inquisitor, she killed her and covered up the murder.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

This Inquisitor appeared to be quite sly and treacherous, evidently with a lust for power as shown by her wanting to use Jerserra as a weapon against her fellow Inquisitors. She appeared to have a very Sith-like view and personality.[2]


She owned a double-bladed spinning lightsaber, which was later stolen by Jerserra.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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