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"Th–that's impossible. There are no life forms on this planet."
―An Imperial crewmember aboard a bathysphere[src]

A flying life form lived in the atmosphere of a Jovian gas giant.

Biology and appearanceEdit

A flying life form lived in the upper clouds of a Jovian gas giant. It stood out from the red clouds of the planet due to its gray coloration. Along the creature's long underside were feathery appendages and sphincters which opened and closed repeatedly.[1]


At some point during the Galactic Civil War, the smuggler Roark Garnet encountered a member of this species in the atmosphere of the Jovian planet. He was aboard a bathysphere with an Imperial, when he spotted one of this species ahead of the vehicle. Garnet immediately took control of the vehicle and dove under the lifeform, missing it by just a few centimeters. Its appearance surprised the Imperial, as the gas giant was thought to be devoid of life.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This species only appeared in an example scenario in the first edition rulebook of West End Games's roleplaying game, published in 1987.


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