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"These lizards must have a superior form of intelligence, even if they can't communicate. They must have figured out we want to go back to our own kind."

The planet Da'nor was home to a semi-sentient species of flying lizard. These lizards were ectothermic, and they were distinguished by a set of wings and iridescent skin. In 0 ABY, a small group of Rebels crash-landed on Da'nor, and one of the members, twelve-year-old Stuart Zissu, was accompanied by a lizard as he journeyed across the planet.

Biology and appearanceEdit

"I can feel its heartbeat. But it's so cold and still."
"That's because it's a cold-blooded creature."
―Stuart Zissu and 4B-X[src]
Varada sector

The lizards were native to the Varada sector.

The species of flying lizard resided on the planet Da'nor,[1] located in the Varada sector of the galaxy.[2] Native to the planet's warm equatorial region, the lizards were ectotherms, and they had a single heart. They had wings that folded back against their bodies, and they had iridescent skin, which shone green, yellow, and purple. The lizards were not very large when compared to Humans.[1]

Behavior and intelligenceEdit

Although not sentient, the lizards possessed a superior form of intelligence, and could communicate by emitting a series of loud screeches and shrieks. This communication allowed them to warn of attacks from predator species, such as large birds.[1]


"Are you okay, little fellow?"
"Him? What about us?"
―Stuart Zissu and C-3PO, after surviving a bird attack[src]

In 0 ABY, an escape pod holding a small group of Rebels—twelve-year-old Human Stuart Zissu and the droids C-3PO, 4B-X, and R2-D2—crash-landed on Da'nor. After landing, Zissu discovered one of the lizards frozen to the escape pod's wing, and 4B-X theorized that it had been snared by the pod as it flew over a warmer region. Knowing that the lizard would die in the colder climate, Zissu kept the creature and nursed it back to health.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit


A flying lizard is featured on the cover of Journey Across Planet X.

The flying lizards first appeared in the 1999 junior novel Star Wars Science Adventures: Journey Across Planet X, which was written by Jude Watson and K.D. Burkett. One of the lizards is featured on the book's cover.[1]


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