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"I got a deal for a whole shipload of these pit droids… maybe too many, but in the race arena you never know."

A freighter delivered the junk dealer Watto's largest shipment of DUM-series pit droids to the planet Tatooine during the decade leading up to 32 BBY. The transport unloaded its cargo at the port city of Mos Espa, but not before sustaining significant damage at the hands of Watto's new droids despite the use of launcher devices aboard to store them. While the freighter had a white-colored hull that covered its upper section, the ship bore an exposed belly from which varying apparatus protruded.


Equipped with engine units at the rear, the freighter sported gold and black markings on its white, bulbous upper hull. "TCHJEGR" was written on the starboard side of the hull in Aurebesh. At the ventral section of the ship was an assortment of protruding apparatus. Serving as a transport, the ship was loaded with launchers, devices which stored multiple DUM-series pit droids in their folded and deactivated state. The vessel had a gray interior that contained crates and fuel tanks.[1]


The freighter transported pit droid mechanics.

Within the decade leading up to 32 BBY,[2] the freighter was hired by the junk dealer Watto to ferry numerous DUM-series pit droids contained in launchers to Mos Espa, a port city on the planet Tatooine. Because of the DUM-series droid mechanics' value in Mos Espa Circuit's podraces, Watto's business interest was piqued, resulting in the transport's cargo amounting to the largest shipment of pit droids the junk dealer had ever purchased.[1]

However, as the transport ship landed on Tatooine, the pit droids had already inflicted more damage in waiting idly aboard than even Watto's star mechanic, Anakin Skywalker, could possibly repair.[3] The freighter also held such a large quantity of pit droids that they threatened to overrun Mos Espa, necessitating Watto to hire an individual to assist in coordinating his new droids as they made their way from the ship to the city's podrace circuit.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The freighter was first mentioned in an article published on StarWars.com on July 21, 1999. The article announced the video game Star Wars: Pit Droids,[3] which was released by Lucas Learning in September 13 of that year[4] and featured the ship. The transport ship's interior is the setting for the first of nine stages of the game.[1]



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