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"Home. Stay. You are expected."
―The Mon Calamari welcomes the Milons to the camp[src]

A camp was built within the junkyards of Level 1782 of the planet Coruscant during the reign of the Galactic Empire. It was inhabited by hundreds of beings who had been persecuted by the Empire, including members of the Herglic and Mon Calamari species and at least nine others including some near-humans. The camp was built within the hull of a crashed starship and consisted of makeshift camps, tents and tiny stalls, strung with lanterns and batteries, and with stoves and water-collection buckets set up. Shortly after the destruction of the planet Alderaan, two Alderaanian fugitives, Anandra and Santigo Milon were directed toward the camp by a Herglic criminal they met on Level 1997. While searching Level 1782 for the shelter they had been told about, they encountered a Mon Calamari resident of the camp, who at first they did not trust but who they eventually let lead them to the camp, where they were expected. Overwhelmed by her recent experiences Anandra began to weep once they reached the camp, and other residents welcomed her and took care of her.[1]

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The camp first appeared in "One Thousand Levels Down", a short story published in Star Wars Insider 151 in 2014.

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