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"So, here to kill me then? Try it."
"Is that what you want?"
"No, you idiot."
―The girl and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren[1]

A human girl opposed the First Order's invasion of her world[1] between 34 and 35 ABY.[2] While some locals initially bowed to Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, the girl impelled her people to ambush the First Order forces, fighting their stormtroopers. Ren chased her through alleyways, caught up to her, and tried to strike her with his lightsaber. She confronted the Supreme Leader face-to-face, calling him a fascist and telling him that her world would never accept the First Order's tyrannical rule. Rather than killing her, Ren left her alive with nothing but her convictions.[1]

The girl had brown eyes, dark skin, and black hair. She wore a light-green, hooded cloak and brown pants and had the courage to challenge Kylo Ren, a fearsome, lightsaber-armed Force-sensitive, at close range with a blaster pistol. The girl did not wish to die challenging Ren but was willing to martyr herself for freedom against the First Order, insisting that death was not the harshest punishment Ren could inflict.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The girl appeared in the comic story "Tales of Villainy: Follow and Lead," which was written by Sam Maggs and illustrated by Davide Tinto. The story was published as part of the second issue of IDW Publishing's Star Wars Adventures comic series[1] on November 25, 2020.[3]


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