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This unidentified green arthropod was enslaved by the Totem Master on the forest moon of Endor. While under the Totem Master's control, his eyes took on a red glow, signaling his subservience to the thief.


Alongside a brown biped and a blue biped, he took on the form of a large totem pole, with himself as the top of the totem. The Totem Master would then give out the totem pole to villages, tricking them into taking it by appealing to their vanity. After the villages had gone to sleep, the Totem Master would release his slaves from their stationary position, and they would proceed to steal anything of value from the village. After bringing their loot back to their leader, the Totem Master would order the three individuals back into their totem configuration.

Around 3 ABY, the totem containing this individual was given to the Ewok Wicket Wystri Warrick by the Totem Master, who hoped to rob Bright Tree Village. Despite warnings by his friend, Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Wicket brought the totem back to his village, and when the Ewoks had gone to bed, the Totem Master released his slaves, who proceeded to take whatever they could find from the village. The green arthropod made his way into a hut and stole several blankets which he brought back to his master. After the looting of the village, the Totem Master enslaved the young Ewoks, Teebo and Latara and made them part of the Totem Slaves, putting them on top of the totem pole. The Totem Master then made his way to the Strutter Village, hoping to pull off the same caper. However, during the attempted theft, the operation was disrupted by Wicket and Kneesaa, who had come to rescue their friends. The Totem Master ordered his servants to attack the two Ewoks, but Wicket was able to turn the Totem Master's powers against him, turning him into a totem himself and freeing the green arthropod. Along with his two companions, the trio celebrated their freedom and ran off into the forest.


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