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"Dagobah Mud Cake! With junk beetles!"
―Unidentified green bounty hunter[src]

A green-skinned satyr-like alien worked as a bounty hunter during the Galactic Civil War.


This bounty hunter was part of Darth Vader's bounty hunter group on Centares shortly after the Battle of Yavin. When the name of the Rebel pilot who destroyed the first Death Star was revealed, Vader and his stormtroopers killed the hunter and every other individual who heard it.

Behind the scenes

This unidentified individual was created by Star Wars artist Dave Gibbons for Vader's Quest 1 of the Vader's Quest series of comics, published in 1999 by Dark Horse Comics.

This bounty hunter's species was not specified in the comic book, nor his species' homeworld, but he shares traits exhibited by both half-Bothans such as Lirondo and Devaronians such as Kardue'sai'Malloc.


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