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"I hope someday humans and Chiss will be able to work side by side in peace."
"As do I, Syndic Mitth'ras'safis of the Eighth Ruling Family."
"Then let us bring this part of history to a close. May warrior's fortune smile on our efforts."
―Syndic Mitth'ras'safis "Thrass" and the human female before their deaths[2]

A human female from the portion of the galaxy known as Lesser Space piloted a massive Lesser Space starship alongside the Chiss Syndic Mitth'ras'safis "Thrass" as the ship crashed[2] during the Vagaari pirate operations[3] by 19 BBY.[1] She acted as co-pilot to Thrass while trying to save innocent human survivors aboard the vessel. The pair understood that either they would die or the others on the ship would, and gave their lives to save the others. Before dying, the human female and Thrass expressed their desire for humans and Chiss to work side-by-side in peace someday.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Lorana Jinzler in the Star Wars Legends continuity

The human woman appeared in the last flashback sequence in the 2021 novel Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil, the final installment of Timothy Zahn's Star Wars: The Ascendancy Trilogy.[2] She corresponds to the character Lorana Jinzler from Star Wars Legends, who appeared in Zahn's 2006 novel Outbound Flight. The woman's dialogue with Thrass in Lesser Evil is identical to some of the dialogue between Jinzler and Thrass' Legends counterpart in Outbound Flight. The plot of Outbound Flight[4] was largely incorporated into current canon via the Vagaari pirate operations.[5] Prior to Outbound Flight, Jinzler's unidentified skeletal remains appeared in Zahn's 2004 novel Survivor's Quest.[6]


Notes and references[]

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