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A male Human was a hyperspace scout. The Human had fair skin, no hair, and dark eyes. At least one time, he wore a pair of goggles, a white shirt, and a vest while he looked at a hyperspace map with another hyperspace scout.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Oh, and Chris Trevas was kind enough to not only supply gorgeous illustrations throughout the book, but he used me and Dan as models for two hyperspace scouts. So I guess we're part of continuity ourselves now. When do we get to be action figures?"
―Jason Fry[src]

The Human hyperspace scout was first mentioned in a caption for a picture drawn by Chris Trevas in The Essential Atlas, written by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry and published in 2009.[1] This hyperspace scout is an in-universe drawing of Jason Fry.[2] The picture that contains this scout also contains a drawing of the other half of the co-authorship, Daniel Wallace. Aurebesh contained in the picture translates into "Unknown."[1]


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