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A male Human was a hyperspace scout. The Human had fair skin, no hair, and dark eyes. At least one time, he wore a pair of goggles, a white shirt, and a vest while he looked at a hyperspace map with another hyperspace scout.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Oh, and Chris Trevas was kind enough to not only supply gorgeous illustrations throughout the book, but he used me and Dan as models for two hyperspace scouts. So I guess we're part of continuity ourselves now. When do we get to be action figures?"
―Jason Fry[src]
Jason Fry

Jason Fry

The Human hyperspace scout was first mentioned in a caption for a picture drawn by Chris Trevas in The Essential Atlas, written by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry and published in 2009.[1] This hyperspace scout is an in-universe drawing of Jason Fry.[2] The picture that contains this scout also contains a drawing of the other half of the co-authorship, Daniel Wallace. Aurebesh contained in the picture translates into "Unknown."[1]


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