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"Spare us the flattery, inmate. It won't get you anywhere."
―The lieutenant[src]

This female individual was a lieutenant in the Galactic Empire. She was seen assisting an interrogation officer at Accresker Jail, most notably interrogating the female prisoner known as Joystick Chevron. Although the initial interrogation was unsuccessful, they used a Bor on the woman and she gave in, revealing that gundravian hookspores were growing in the prison.


"She's lying, sir. On both counts. Some sort of…I don't know…natural resilience."
"Just keep her talking, lieutenant. It helps the probe calibrate."
―The lieutenant and the interrogation officer, during their interrogation of Joystick Chevron[src]

Shortly after the attack on an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, the prisoner known as Joystick Chevron was taken in for interrogation, who was hiding her identity from the Galactic Empire. The two made Chevron explain her story and as she did, the lieutenant noticed a lot of anxiety spikes from her. She deduced many of Chevron's comments as lies and after the interrogation, she concluded that she was hiding something big, but could not say what. The officer in charge of the interrogation decided to leave it until the next day and dismissed.[1]

Over twelve hours later, the lieutenant escorted Chevron to a cell when Captain-Inspector Magna Tolvan arrived. She told everyone in the room to leave. The lieutenant, however insisted that it was regulations for a prisoner being held to have custodial personnel supervising them. Tolvan therefore ordered her face the wall and hum to herself audibly to avoid hearing what Tolvan had to say to Chevron. The lieutenant did so until the conversation was over.[2]

Following another battle, Chevron was again taken in for interrogation. However this time they had a Bor named Bor Ifriem to penetrate her mind. Chevron was instantly taken over by it and said that she was thinking about her mother. The lieutenant concluded it to be true and the officer threatened to have Bor Ifriem delete her mother from her mind. Chevron gave in, telling them that there were gundravian hookspores growing in the prison, able to infect anyone that it touched. The lieutenant was surprised to say that Chevron was right and Accresker command decided to immediately decommission Accresker Jail.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

The lieutenant was a female human with brown eyes, brown skin and blue lips. Her hair was black and shaved on the sides. She was a dedicated Imperial, taking every order she was given, such was when Magna Tolvan told her to face the wall and hum out loud. She also remembered the regulations, having to remind Tolvan of one when she told everyone in the room to leave.[2]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

The lieutenant was exceptional at her job, being able to conclude when Chevron was lying and that she was hiding something big.[1]


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