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"I used to be a nurse, you know. That chair is a good device."
―The medical supply merchant, to Zeerid Korr[src]

A Human male merchant tended a warehouse located on the planet Vulta that contained medical supplies. In the year 3653 BBY, the man, who was a former nurse, sold smuggler Zeerid Korr a hoverchair and a course on how to run it. Korr—who gave the hoverchair to his seven-year-old crippled daughter, Arra Yooms—paid the seller 87,000 credits with a bearer card.


"If that's all then, sir. I'll just need you to fill out a few forms. The bearer card is untraceable, as you know."
―The merchant, to Zeerid Korr[src]

A Human male merchant tended a warehouse filled with medical supplies located on the planet Vulta.[1] In the year 3653 BBY,[2] the smuggler Zeerid Korr went to the warehouse to buy a hoverchair for his crippled seven-year-old daughter, Arra Yooms. The medical supply merchant, who was a former nurse, sold him a used hoverchair fitted for the girl and a crash course on how to use it properly for 87,000 credits, which Korr paid using a bearer card. The man did not want to accept the bearer card without Korr filling out some forms. Korr, however, left for a local park in a hurry and told the man that he would be back the next day to take care of the paperwork.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Don't see bearer cards all that often."
"Credits are credits."
―The merchant and Zeerid Korr[src]

The man, whose physical appearance in Korr's mind resembled a scarecrow, was careful about business deals. He did not want to accept Korr's bearer card for payment without further information, but Korr told him he would come back the next day to fill out the forms. The merchant, who was elderly by 3653 BBY, considered himself knowledgeable about the products he offered and believed that the hoverchair he sold to Korr was a fine product.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The medical supply merchant appeared in the 2011 novel The Old Republic: Deceived, written by Paul S. Kemp.[1]


Notes and references[]

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