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A mercenary hired by the Fluggrian crime lord Kam Nale[1] captured the Glymphid hit-man Aldar Beedo[2] around 22 BBY.[3] Aldar Beedo, also known as a professional Podracer pilot, was participating in the Fire Mountain Rally race, located on the Outer Rim jungle world of Baroonda, when the mercenary shot Beedo down during the middle of the race and arrested the Glymphid.[2] Beedo was then brought back to Nale's headquarters, where he would pay for the crime of murdering Nale's father several years earlier.[1] The overall event was later chronicled in an edition of the HoloNet News that called the future of Podracing into question, citing the incident along with several other questionable events related to Podracing.[2]

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The mercenary was first mentioned in HoloNet News Vol. 531 49, under the article Podracing Faces Uncertain Future.[2] The mercenary's employer, however, was not revealed until the 2013 Star Wars Blog article The Not-So Magnificent Seven, where it was revealed that the mercenary had been hired by Beedo's nemesis, Kam Nale.[1]

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