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"As far as I can tell, this monolith doesn’t seem to have an underground anything."
"Monolith? Then this is—"
"Mortis? It may be a Celestial monolith, but it’s not Mortis—at least, I hope it isn’t."
"Why’s that?"
"Because whatever Barduun has become, I’m pretty sure it was the monolith that did it to him."
―Ohali Soroc and Han Solo[src]

An Unidentified monolith was a structure centered in the heart of the Chiloon Rift that led to a mysterious world that may have been Mortis.


The monolith acted as a gateway into a mysterious world inhabited by shadowy figures. These figures were able to grant individuals access to the Force, but in doing so, the person would be driven insane.[1]

In the year 45 ABY, the Columi brothers, Craitheus and Marvid Qreph discovered the monolith as they were engaged in a financial takeover of the Chiloon Rift. They identified a Space–time-warping gate that could grant access to the monolith and built a base above the gate. However, upon further study, they realized that the gate could only be opened with the Force. To gain access, they hired the mercenary Savara Raine. Raine entered the monolith alongside a Mandalorian Barduun, as backup, but upon meeting the shadowy figures, Barduun was driven insane and Raine was only barely able to escape. The Qrephs were excited by the development, eager to gain access to the Force, but did not want to suffer the same fate as Barduun, so they delayed their entrance until they could better understand the mechanism.[1]

However, the Qrephs' actions in the Chiloon Rift brought the attention of the Jedi. The Quest Knight Ohali Soroc, who was searching for the similar Mortis monolith came to the Chiloon Rift monolith and encountered the Qrephs. She was captured and tortured at their base until they could figure out how to deal with her. As the Jedi pressure escalated, the Qrephs planned to enter the monolith despite the danger it posed. However, Raine, who had seen what had happened to Barduun, refused. To circumvent Raine's involvement, the Qrephs created several clones of force-sensitive individuals, including Ohali Soroc and Savara Raine to allow them access. The Jedi eventually found the monolith and attacked the base there. Unable to wait any longer, the Qrephs used the Raine clone, Savara Two, to enter the monolith. The Qrephs were pursued by the Jedi, Leia Organa Solo and Luke Skywalker. Although the Qrephs were able to acquire Force-sensitivity in the monolith, they were killed by the Jedi. With the Qrephs defeated, the Jedi escaped the monolith. Three months after the Jedi attack, the monolith had been cordoned off to prevent anyone else from accessing its dangerous power.[1]


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