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A clone trooper commando who wore orange Katarn-class commando armor served as the leader of the High Orbit Precision Entry Squad, also known as the H.O.P.E. Squad. He and his squad were sent to assist Jedi Master Treetower on Yorn Skot around 19 BBY, near the end of the Clone Wars. Treetower had been attempting to capture a shipment of smuggled goods from the Separatists, but had been unsuccessful and had been left trapped on a unipod under a landing platform. The commando and his men rappelled down the side of the platform to retrieve the Jedi, but were attacked by a group of jump droids. The droids killed the entire unit with the exception of the leader who managed to rescue Treetower and destroy the droids. Safely back on the platform, Treetower revealed to the commando that the smuggled goods were actually Ugnaughts who had been captured and who were going to be sold into slavery.


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