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"I couldn't reach out. I didn't know who'd hear. I couldn't transmit. I couldn't risk being found. I'd already lost one world. I didn't want to lose this one as well."

A planet was located in a distant region of the galaxy. A terrestrial forested planet, it was home to the creatures known as norwoods. Bylsma, a member of the Alderaan guard, escaped to the planet after the Galactic Empire destroyed Alderaan. He remained there for many years, not wishing to attempt to send communications. After a First Order shuttle was sabotaged and fell out of hyperspace, crashing onto the planet, General Armitage Hux hid his true intentions from Bylsma in order to use his communications array. The First Order arrived to rescue Hux and Kylo Ren, and Hux left Bylsma stranded on the planet, which he hoped to use as target practice for the Starkiller Base superweapon.[1]

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