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"The Amaxines! One of our first great conquests. They built this relay to make war on us, attempting to take our planet as they had many others. Instead, we defeated and devoured them."
―A Drengir[src]

A planet between Coruscant and the Galactic Frontier was home to a number of Drengir, a sentient species of carnivorous plants. The Amaxine warriors constructed a transport pod relay on the planet, connected to a space station, intending to defeat the Drengir and take the planet. The Amaxines were unsuccessful, and the Drengir utilized their relay to send a number of their people to the Amaxine space station. The Drengir on the station were eventually imprisoned on the station by the Sith, and those remaining on the planet were unaware of their fate.[1]

During the High Republic Era, the Jedi Knight Dez Rydan was transported to the Drengir planet while investigating the Amaxine station, as was the Jedi Padawan Reath Silas some time later. Having received two visitors from the relay system, the Drengir deduced that the station remained intact. Silas and Rydan escaped the planet in one of the two pods shortly afterward, but were followed by several Drengir in the other. When the Drengir pod arrived on the station, Silas used the Force to push it backward, sending the pod back into hyperspace and killing the Drengir that had emerged.[1]

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