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"The nav computer doesn't even recognize this as a planet. Scanners say there's nothing here but an atmospheric sea of cyclones and electrical super-storms."
―Leia Organa and Han Solo[2]

A planet covered in electrical storms was located in the Monsua Nebula. The smuggler Han Solo occasionally used a hiding place located on the planet.


"Who would ever guess that underneath an atmosphere like that, one of the most violent electrical storms I've ever seen…the planet's core would be a beautiful oasis."
―Leia Organa[3]

The atmosphere of the unnamed planet was surrounded by thick electrical storms, which concealed its surface[2] and blocked scanners from operating.[1] Despite this, its lower atmosphere was breathable, and the planet itself was a lush paradise, and plant life thrived.[3]


"All I had to do was leave a probe in this planet's orbit. I knew you'd turn up here sooner or later."
―Sana Starros, to Han Solo[1]

At some point, the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca crash-landed onto the planet, leading them to discover that the electrical storms hid a habitable surface. Solo established a hiding place on the planet, returning there several times.[3]

While scouting for possible locations to establish a new Rebel Alliance base in the stolen Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Invictus, Leia Organa and Han Solo were confronted by two TIE fighters. Despite the clearance codes transmitted by Organa being accepted, a last-minute move by Solo caused the fighters to believe their shuttle was stolen, opening fire on the Invictus. Solo, aware that the planet was nearby, piloted the Invictus into its atmosphere, managing to evade the fighters.[2] However, the shuttle awoke a probe, alerting Sana Starros to their presence. She arrived on the planet in the Volt Cobra, and confronted both Organa and Solo, claiming to be Han's wife.[3]

The Volt Cobra escapes the planet

Her arrival led to a brief argument between Organa and Solo, who was trying to convince Leia that Starros was deceiving her. Before Organa could board the Invictus and leave, Starros ordered her ship to shoot and destroy the shuttle, trapping the rebels on the planet with her. Starros told the two of them that she planned to sell Leia to the Imperials who were waiting above the planet, contacting the orbiting Imperial-class Star Destroyer. TIE fighters, along with TIE bombers, entered the planet's atmosphere,[1] landing nearby. After Han interrupted Starros, telling her that he'd also be taken by the Empire for his Rebel Alliance affiliations, Starros let both him and Organa board the Volt Cobra and escape the planet.[4] They were pursued by the TIEs, but managed to jump to hyperspace before they could be destroyed.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The planet first appeared in Star Wars (2015) 5, a 2015 canon comic written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by John Cassaday.[2]



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