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A terrestrial planet at one point orbited a dying star. The red-colored crystals known as the Qixoni crystals were formed on the planet, where they were warmed by the dying sun. Millennia before[1] 3951 BBY,[2] some of the earliest members of the Jedi Order visited the planet, where they discovered the Qixoni crystals. The Jedi used the red gemstones as powerful focusing crystals in their lightsaber weapons.[1]

However, only a handful of the Qixoni crystals were obtained before the planet's star exploded as a supernova, destroying the planet and rendering the remaining crystals exceedingly rare.[1] Eventually, it was said that the crystals obtained on the planet had instead been forged in the heart of the supernova,[3] and the crystals came to share their name with the Colonies' Qixoni Nebula.[4]

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The planet was first mentioned in the 2004 Obsidian Entertainment video game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.[1]



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