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The Sith Lord and Calimondra family matriarch Vilia Calimondra had several top-secret retreat worlds in her interstellar empire within the Grumani sector. One of these planets was a lush garden world where even the waters were sweet. The planet's gardens were tended to by large numbers of slaves. As an avid gardener, the retired Vilia regularly gardened. The planet's hyperspace coordinates were a closely guarded secret and were only available via a secure channel.

According to her granddaughter and fellow Sith Lord Arkadia Calimondra, Vilia had dozens of secret retreat worlds which she regularly alternated every week. During a Bequest held in 1032 BBY, Arkadia offered to send her catatonic and deranged younger brother Quillan, one of the former rulers of the Dyarchy, to one of Vilia's top secret retreat worlds. Vilia agreed to the deal and sent the planet's coordinates via a secure channel to her granddaughter. However, Arkadia intended to assassinate Vilia and tried to recruit the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt as an assassin.

When Kerra refused, Arkadia recruited the Bothan spy Narsk Ka'hane, not knowing that he was a deep cover operative working for Vilia. Vilia ordered Narsk to sabotage her granddaughter's plans and the Bothan convinced Kerra and the mercenary Jarrow Rusher to stage a diversionary attack on Arkadia's capital city of Calimondretta. Narsk escaped with Quillan to Vilia's secret retreat planet. After recovering from the escape, Narsk had a private audience with Vilia at one of her gardens where they discussed the events in the Arkadianate and the threat of the Jedi Knight Kerra.


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