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A protocol droid worked aboard the Coronet in the ship's cargo bay during the Clone Wars. During Duchess Satine's trip to Coruscant, it authorized the cargo brought by Senator Tal Merrik containing assassin probes. The droid was not aware what the box contained nor who placed it aboard, but allowed the cargo because it had a Galactic Senate stamp. The droid claimed that stamp was always welcome aboard the Coronet. Having said that, the droid unknowingly provided Anakin Skywalker with the knowledge that the box had been placed there by one of the senators on the ship. Later, when Tal Merrik was revealed as the traitor, a Probe killer was released onto the table. It ran over the table and attempted to attack Duchess Satine, but was hit with a pan by Obi-Wan Kenobi. This sent the probe killer onto the neck of the droid. The droid jerked around and collapsed, destroyed.

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