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"Is that–"
"Oh no…"
―Turfitch and Zingo Gabnit spot Boba Fett riding the droid[1]

A quadruped droid was utilized by the bounty hunter Boba Fett while he worked on the Outer Rim Territories planet Carajam[1] between 2 BBY and 4 ABY.[2] Fett rode the droid while transporting the corpse of a rebel pilot he had captured across a desert. On his journey, he encountered a camp containing several criminals: Zingo Gabnit, Turfitch, and another human.[1]

Gabnit and Turfitch prepared for a fight, expecting that Fett was there to hunt them, but he instead rode through the camp, knocking Turfitch over. The bounty hunter proceeded until he reached a cantina in a town, where the droid knelt down on its limbs while Fett took his bounty inside. The droid had gray segmented plating and a short tail, and had an orange sensor with a light in its center. It was also equipped with a saddle and reins.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The quadruped droid was created for the one-shot comic Age of Rebellion - Boba Fett 1, which was written by Greg Pak, pencilled by Marc Laming,[1] and published by Marvel Comics on May 8, 2019 as part of the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion comic series.[3] Prior to the comic's release, the droid was pictured in an article published on StarWars.com on April 15, 2019, providing a preview for the comic.[4]


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