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"I didn't sabotage your ship, General."
"I know. One of the mechanics has already been dealt with. A radar technician. But you were his superior. So responsibility ultimately lies with you."
―Admiral Brooks and General Armitage Hux[src]

A male radar technician worked for the First Order, under Admiral Brooks. Sometime prior to the completion of the First Order's Starkiller Base superweapon[1] in 34 ABY,[2] a shuttle containing both Kylo Ren, the apprentice of Supreme Leader Snoke, and General Armitage Hux was sabotaged, crashing onto a planet. After escaping the planet with Ren, Hux identified the technician as being responsible and punished him. As Brooks was the technician's superior, Hux subsequently executed the admiral, who claimed that Hux simply wanted an excuse to exact revenge for the way Brooks had treated him as a child.[1]

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The radar technician was first mentioned in the comic Age of Resistance - General Hux 1, written by Tom Taylor and published by Marvel Comics[1] on August 28, 2019.[3]

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