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"Look at that, right between the eyes."
"Nice job, as usual, Fett."
―Cantina patrons compliment Boba Fett's latest acquisition[2]

A rebel pilot was the target of a 50,000 credit bounty and was killed on the planet Carajam by the bounty hunter Boba Fett between 2 BBY and 4 ABY. While transporting the pilot's corpse, Fett passed through the camp of the criminals Zingo Gabnit and Turfitch and received the reward for the pilot from the Bounty Hunters' Guild after depositing his body at a cantina.


"He's—he's letting us go?"
"Oh yeah. Look—he already got his man."
―Turfitch and Gabnit, the latter noticing the pilot's body on Fett's droid[2]

Boba Fett took the pilot's body across the desert on Carajam.

A male rebel pilot served the Alliance to Restore the Republic and had a 50,000 credit bounty placed on his head[2] between 2 BBY and 4 ABY.[1] The bounty was claimed on the Outer Rim Territories planet Carajam by the bounty hunter Boba Fett, who shot the pilot between his eyes. Fett loaded the corpse onto a droid mount and traveled across a desert on Carajam to claim the reward.[2]

En route, Fett passed through a camp inhabited by the criminals Zingo Gabnit and Turfitch along with another human whom Gabnit was about to kill. Gabnit and Turfitch prepared to fight and run, respectively, knowing Fett's reputation, while the human escaped. After Fett instead ignored them, Gabnit saw the corpse and realized that Fett had already acquired his target. Fett arrived at a town's cantina and carried the pilot's body inside, where he was complimented on his work by a Neimoidian and a Trandoshan patron and received his reward for killing the pilot from a Bounty Hunters' Guild agent.[2]


The pilot wore an orange flight suit and a white K-22995 light flight helmet.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The pilot was created for the one-shot comic Age of Rebellion - Boba Fett 1, an entry in the Age of Rebellion series. The comic was published by Marvel Comics[2] on May 8, 2019,[3] written by Greg Pak and penciled by Marc Laming,[2] Prior to its release, his corpse was pictured in a preview of the comic published on StarWars.com on April 15, 2019.[4]


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