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This unidentified recruit was a Force-sensitive male child who lived during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire. He volunteered to infiltrate the Dread Host for the Republic Strategic Information Service so they they can trace his ship's course back to the location of Oricon. He had to pass several tests before he would be accepted for the mission. He passed all the psych tests, resisted every mind-altering device and chemical that the recruiters could find. Jonas Balkar made him annoy someone at the Imperial Embassy at Nar Shaddaa, fake his way into the Justicars' Brigade for a week and get a Senator to give him his signature, security key, and week's schedule without showing a fake ID. He passed the tests and was sent to infiltrate the Dread Host. He hijacked a Dread Host ship and flew it back to the Strategic Information Service. He, like many people who tried to land on Oricon, went mad. He was sitting alone in the SIS's hangar with a blade and a smile on his face and did not seem to notice anyone. He also had several holes in him where he had been attacked. He finally noticed Jonas and asked him if he was proud of him. Jonas told him that he had seen cleaner knife work from broken cooking droids. He attacked Jonas with his blade but was shot and killed.


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