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―Er'stacians outraged over the damage to the Venerable One[src]

This Er'stacian soldier was a member of a clan of Er'stacians whose warriors were distinguished by their red armor.[1] During a clan war sometime between 22 and 19 BBY,[2] this warrior fought alongside other red-armored Er'stacians versus their rivals, a clan known for its green-armored troops. Both sides wanted possession of the Venerable One, or Megalith, a statue representing the mythical forebear of the Er'stacian species.[1]

When the Jedi Master Mace Windu arrived on Er'stacia to negotiate a peace between the rival factions, he quickly called a temporary cease fire. As he negotiated with the clans, this red-armored soldier inadvertently fired a round into the statue and chipped a piece off the Venerable One. The Er'stacian was accused of blasphemy and torn limb from limb. Nevertheless, the incident showed Windu that the two sides held in common their veneration and protective attitude toward the megalith and thus inspired the Jedi Master to slice it into thousands of pieces. This desecration brought peace, as both clans worked together to mend the statue.[1]


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