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This Human male red-haired Jedi was a member of the Army of Light in the Ruusan campaign in 1000 BBY. He fought alongside Kiel Charny in a battle on Ruusan. After the fight, he witnessed a duel between Githany and Charny, and then watched as Darovit murdered Charny and defected to the Sith. It was likely he who informed the Army of Light of Darovit's treachery.[2]

When Lord Hoth began planning an assault on Kaan in his cave stronghold, the Jedi was convinced he had gone mad, and was rebuked by his companion Petja for treasonous speech. The Jedi later helped Petja aim as he shot down Bouncers, many of whom had gone insane with the massive destruction of the battle and were spreading panic and fear throughout the army. When they killed Laa, a Bouncer who had befriended Rain, she used the Force in anger to snap the necks of the two men.[1]

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This Jedi's appearance was based on inker Raul Fernandez.[3]


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