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"A droid's position in this galaxy is often marginal. Technopathy would only reduce that."
―The droid, to Chelli Aphra[src]

A droid represented the Cyban Front at the auction of the Rur crystal on the Sorca Retreat, along with a blue droid. The droid's partner was possessed by Eternal Rur, the consciousness that inhabited the crystal, and proceeded to attack the other guests. The surviving Cyban Front droid attempted to escape, but was destroyed by the Sith Lord Darth Vader after the Galactic Empire boarded the space station.


"So, as I'm being kind…I trust the Cyban Front is making an offer worth my time?"
"Statement: We represent various organizations. They wish this artifact destroyed."
―Chelli Aphra and the droid[src]

Representing the Cyban Front, an affiliate of the Droid Gotra,[2] among other various organizations,[3] the droid traveled to the Sorca Retreat space station to participate in the auction of the Rur crystal, along with a another droid.[2] The two droids planned to win the Rur crystal in the auction, in order to destroy it due to the technopathy abilities[3] of Eternal Rur, the artificial intelligence consciousness within it.[2]

Cyban Front technopathy

The droid watches its comrade become possessed

While the rogue archaeologist Doctor Chelli Aphra, who was hosting the auction, explained the crystal's power, the droid's partner doubted the existence of technopathy. The droids prompted Aphra to provide proof, which she did by allowing Eternal Rur to possess the blue droid, who was shot and destroyed by the Wookiee bounty hunter Black Krrsantan before he could cause any damage,[2] but was later taken to be repaired.[3]

As the droid watched its partner being repaired, it was questioned by Aphra, who wished to know details of the Cyban Front's offer. The droid informed Aphra of its plans to destroy the Rur crystal, but promised to settle any debts she had with the organizations that the droids represented. While Aphra was disappointed with the Cyban Front's plan for the crystal, she considered the offer, though she eventually chose the offer presented by the Shadow University. Before the unsuccessful guests could leave the auction, they were attacked by the Cyban Front droid's comrade, who had been possessed by Eternal Rur after Aphra's droids 0-0-0 and BT-1 inserted the Rur crystal into him.[3]

The red droid escaped from Eternal Rur, and later ran into Aphra, who, upon noticing that the droid was still active, realized that Eternal Rur was not using its technopathy abilities. After learning that Aphra had not programmed a destruction fail-safe into its partner while he was being repaired, the droid walked away from the chaos, attempting to leave the Sorca Retreat.[4]

RedDead Aphra12

The Cyban Front droid is destroyed by Darth Vader.

At some point during the skirmish, the droid was damaged, losing one of its arms. As the droid attempted to leave the station, it ran into a team of Imperials led by the Sith Lord Darth Vader, who had boarded the station. Vader destroyed the droid, using the Force to shatter it into pieces.[1] The droid's partner, still possessed by Eternal Rur, was later also destroyed by Vader, who took the Rur crystal from his remains.[5]


"Rur's not just dangerous. You could learn so much. To throw that away…"
"Statement: It is not worth the risk."
―Chelli Aphra and the droid[src]

The Cyban Front droid, as an affiliate of the Droid Gotra, believed in freedom and rights for droids, and opposed the existence of technopathy.[3] When the droid communicated, it described the sentence it was about to say. The droid had red plating and a humanoid form, but with a singular yellow photoreceptor and three-fingered hands.[2]

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The droid first appeared in Doctor Aphra 9: The Enormous Profit, Part I, a comic written by Kieron Gillen, penciled by Kev Walker,[2] and published on July 12, 2017.[6]


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