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"Wish I'd seen that sight a thousand times before."
―The rescue worker, to the Taris Holofeed[src]

A rescue worker was a witness to an incident during the Taris Siege[1] in 3963 BBY[2] in which a city surveillance droid attempted to issue a parking citation to a Mandalorian bomb, causing it to go off without injuring anyone. Afterward, the rescuer was interviewed by the Taris Holofeed, and although the worker gave them a quote to use in publication, the rescuer asked to remain anonymous.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The rescue worker appears in the in-universe news organ The Taris Holofeed: Siege Edition,[1] which was written by John Jackson Miller and included in the fifteenth issue of the Knights of the Old Republic comic book series.[2]

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