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A river was located on the planet Naboo near the Gungan city of Otoh Sancture.


Around 3000 BBY the Boss of Otoh Sancture, Gallo, went across this river to hunt animals for the city's Sacred Feast, a traditonial Gungan celebration. Unfortunately while he was out hunting his city was attacked by Bursas, a half sentient and violent species who destroyed the city completely. Gallo attempted to return to the city but the river blocked him from getting back to save his people. Later he led an army across a forded part of the river to avenge the destruction of Otoh Sancture.

Behind the scenesEdit

The river appears in the video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and it's expansion in the first level of the Gungan campaign. It serves to prevent the player from getting Boss Gallo to Otoh Sancture while it is attacked by bursas, but later the player finds a ford which they can use to safely cross the river.


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