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A sandcrawler was used by a Jawa tribe on Arvala-7[1] around 9 ABY.[2] The tribe stopped the sandcrawler alongside the Razor Crest, a gunship used by a bounty hunter known as the Mandalorian. The Jawas were in the process of bringing parts scavenged from the gunship aboard the sandcrawler when the Mandalorian came upon the tribe and attacked them. The tribe fled in the sandcrawler and the Mandalorian attempted to pursue them, using his fibercord whip to climb along the side of the vehicle while it driving away. The Jawas ultimately repelled him and he was thrown from the sandcrawler. The vehicle was later parked when the Ugnaught Kuiil brought the Mandalorian to the tribe and attempted to negotiate for the parts back. After the tribe agreed to provide him the parts in exchange for a Mudhorn egg, the Jawas brought the sandcrawler near the Mudhorn's cave, where the Mandalorian recovered the egg.[1]


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