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A member of the Yresilini species was the second individual trained to be a general by the Chiss Sev'rance Tann during her time at the Chiss Academy[1] in the Unknown Regions.[2] Sometime by 22 BBY,[3] the young student Tann was tasked by a professor with training the Yresilini into an army despite their perceived untrainable nature. Tann selected one Yresilini to be her general by teaching him several simple commands, although the Yresilini and his troops laughed in response. Tann had the first general executed in view of the other Yresilini and then appointed the second general, who led the Yresilini to follow her orders implicitly. Tann thus received high marks for her work, and the account of the taming of the Yresilini was later repeated by soldiers under her command.[1]

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The Yresilini general was mentioned in Sev'rance Tann's databank entry in the 2002 LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns.[1]

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