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A shapeshifting creature resided in the jungles of the planet D'Qar.[2]

Biology and appearanceEdit

In its natural state, the creture was a quadrupedal animal slightly smaller than 0.67 meters, the size of the droid BB-8. It was blue-green in color and its back half was transparent, showing some of its internal organs. On its behind, the creature had a small spiral tail. It had a long tongue, which was able to be extended quite far from its mouth, which had several teeth.[1]

The creature was able to crouch into a ball-like form, allowing it to roll away.The creature displayed mimicking abilities, allowing it to transform into and function as BB-8, or even stationary objects like a rock or a plant.[2] The creature also panted.[1]


In 34 ABY, the Resistance droid BB-8 managed to get lost in D'Qar's jungle, where it stumbled upon this creature. Their interaction began by the creature licking the droid,[1] before it showed off its shape-shifitng abilities, which distressed the BB unit greatly and convinced him to flee. The two met again shorty after, when both got caught by a larger spider-like creature and trapped in its hanging web.[2] A second member of the species then came to both the creature's and BB-8's rescue.[3]


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