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"Do you like this place, Ben?…"
"It's…interesting, Snoke."
"I am very fond of it. The people who built it were trying to hold back the dark. That was the entire point. To create an oasis of light here in the great shadow. You see how well it worked. You see what denying the nature of things brought them."
―Snoke and Ben Solo[src]

A space station existed in the galaxy, consisting of a central sphere encircled by a number of rings.[1] Its creators had built the station in an area strong in the dark side of the Force, attempting to create an oasis of the light side. However, the dark side remained in the station, and its creators were killed.[2] During the time of the New Republic, Snoke resided in the space station. Ben Solo, who survived the destruction of Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple after believing he had killed Skywalker, visited the station to meet with Snoke.[1]

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