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A star system was located in the Outer Rim Territories, containing the twin planets of Eiram and E'ronoh. It was on the Galactic Frontier. The star system held a gateway that was a waypoint through hyperspace, causing the inhabitants of the two worlds to compete over control of the region, though they did not actively wage war against one another. A lost moon that had once belonged to either Eiram or E'ronoh eventually drifted free of its orbit, coming to rest in the dead space between the planets. During the High Republic Era, a crisis broke out after rulers from Eiram and E'ronoh were kidnapped by the Directorate. Twenty-five years later, the system hosted the Starlight Beacon space station.[1]

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The star system containing Eiram, E'ronoh, and the Starlight Beacon first appeared in the short story "Starlight: Part One - Go Together" by Charles Soule, published in Star Wars Insider 199.[2] In the excerpt of The High Republic 1 published in The High Republic Free Digital Sampler, the Beacon was located in an area called the Starless Expanse,[3] but the term was removed in the final comic.[4]

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