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A stormtrooper was the leader of a platoon assigned to the forest moon of Endor prior to and during the Battle of Endor. According to his account of the battle, he made contact with the Ewoks and interpreted their act of placing flowers in the barrels of their blaster rifles as an attempt to disable their weapons. His troopers opened fire and then endured weeks of guerrilla warfare tactics from the Ewoks, who killed many stormtroopers, including Kovacs, one by one, usually at night. He was relieved when he finally got the chance to fight Rebels instead of Ewoks. He was even more relieved to be captured and finally taken away from Endor and the Ewoks entirely.

Eventually, he was released from captivity and visited an unnamed cantina, relating his story to other bar patrons. His only consolation about the Battle of Endor was that the explosion of the Death Star II must have caused a deadly rain of debris on the Ewoks, but one bar patron informed him that was just a myth.


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