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An Imperial stormtrooper was part of an Imperial entourage that searched homes on the planet Kashyyyk during the Wookiee holiday of Life Day in 1 ABY. Searching for ties to the Rebel Alliance, the Empire blockaded the world and declared martial law. The stormtrooper, under the leadership of a commander and alongside a technician and fellow stormtrooper B4711, entered the home of the famous Rebel Chewbacca. After terrorizing Chewbacca's family, the group left save for B4711, who remained behind.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Unlike B4711, this stormtrooper is not named in The Star Wars Holiday Special. The Holiday Special's script establishes that this trooper is less menacing than B4711, and refers to him as the "less-menacing trooper" until a scene where he accepts an offered Wookiee-ookiee from the trader Saun Dann. He is then referred to as the "cookiee trooper." The scene where he accepts the cookie was cut during the script's fourth draft stage.[2]



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