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"First Jedi you've ever seen, sir?"
―The stormtrooper's last words, to Agent Kallus[src]

This stormtrooper was a member of the Stormtrooper Corps five years before the Battle of Yavin. During the mission to free Wookiee prisoners undertaken by the rebel crew of the Ghost, this stormtrooper was stationed in the spice mines of the planet Kessel. He attempted to capture Kitwarr, a young Wookiee slave, but was stopped by Ezra Bridger, who fired an energy slingshot at him and sent him over a railing. While hanging on, he asked Agent Kallus, who was also sent over the railing, if Bridger was the first Jedi the agent had encountered. Kallus responded by kicking the trooper off the pole into the mines below.


Notes and references

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