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"Hello boys. I'm afraid this has all been a terrible misunderstanding."
"One that you're going to answer for. Now drop your weapons."
―Ketsu Onyo and the stormtrooper sergeant[src]

A stormtrooper sergeant operated on the planet Garel during the Age of the Empire. While patrolling locked down hangars in the Garel City Spaceport, the sergeant and his squad of stormtroopers came across the bounty hunter Ketsu Onyo and her old partner Sabine Wren while they were in the middle of a standoff. When the sergeant ordered them and their other companions to disperse, Onyo opened fire on the stormtroopers. After several of the sergeant's men were incapacitated, he tried to fight Onyo in single combat after she disarmed him, but he was defeated. After Onyo and the others departed the hangar, the sergeant returned to his feet and expressed a dislike for the bounty hunters on Garel.


"There's a curfew on this hangar—you need to leave immediately!"
―The stormtrooper sergeant[src]
Blood Sisters ep guide

The sergeant and his men fight the rebels

A human[1] male individual served the Galactic Empire during the Age of the Empire as a stormtrooper[2] sergeant[3] on the planet Garel.[2] One day during the year 4 BBY,[source?] the sergeant was patrolling the Garel City Spaceport with a squad of stormtroopers when they encountered the rebels Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger, C1-10P, and EG-86 squaring off with the Black Sun bounty hunter Ketsu Onyo.[2]

The sergeant informed them that the hangar was closed and that they were to leave immediately. In response, Onyo fired her weapons at the stormtroopers. The Imperials opened fire on everyone present, prompting a violent skirmish. Several stormtroopers were incapacitated during the firefight while the sergeant climbed atop some crates to get a better vantage point. With the help of C1-10P, the rebels were able to escape aboard a starship and left Onyo to face the remaining stormtroopers alone.[2]

The sergeant and his men surrounded Onyo and ordered her to surrender. The bounty hunter responded by grabbing a stormtrooper to use as a shield, which another stormtroopers shot in the chest as they tried to shoot Onyo. The bounty hunter used her staff to melee her way past the remaining stormtroopers, and disarmed the sergeant in the process. He chased her, but she turned around and whacked him across the head with her staff. After jumping over the last conscious stormtrooper, Onyo escaped to her personal ship, the Shadow Caster. The sergeant got back to his feet along with the another stormtrooper and, after watching Onyo leave the planet in her ship, he verbally expressed a distaste for the bounty hunters on Garel.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Bounty hunting scum. Garel's crawling with them."
―The stormtrooper sergeant after the skirmish's conclusion[src]

A male individual, the sergeant was serious when he ordered Onyo and the rebels to leave. When Onyo attacked, the sergeant responded by firing back and climbing nearby equipment to get a better shot at the insurgents when they took cover. After the skirmish ended, the sergeant shook off the ordeal as an annoyance. The sergeant held a low opinion of bounty hunters.[2]


"There's no escape! We have you surrounded."
―The sergeant after cornering Ketsu Onyo[src]

The sergeant wore white stormtrooper armor along with a white pauldron[2] to denote his rank as a sergeant.[3] He carried an E-11 blaster rifle.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The sergeant first appeared in "Blood Sisters", an episode of the second season of the television series Star Wars Rebels. His voice was provided by Stephen Stanton, credited as "Stormtrooper #1." Although his rank went unmentioned in the episode, the canon source book Ultimate Star Wars mentions that stormtroopers with white pauldrons are sergeants.



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