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A thranta

A musician performed with his mozz box on the streets at some point. At one time, the musician's performance caused confusion among some retired air rodeo thrantas that had been released. The large winged creatures confused the music with commands they had been given during their time at the rodeo, which caused them to crash into platforms and vehicles as well as throw people around.[1]

The chaos caused by the musician and the thrantas attracted individuals that came and rescued those in danger and who tried to find a way to prevent the problem from recurring.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The street musician first appeared as part of an adventure idea in "Rodeo Thranta", an article written by Jeff Quick for the Creature Feature series of articles for that was published on Wizards of the Coast's website to expand the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. The article was released on December 12, 2002, with the adventure ideas and characters being usable by Game Masters at any time after thrantas were first used in air rodeos, which happened before the destruction of the thrantas' home planet, Alderaan.[1]


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