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"Surrender or you will be destroyed."
―The droid, to D-Squad[src]

A super tactical droid was part of a mission in order to destroy the Republic strategy conference. To do so, he hijacked a Venator-class Star Destroyer and loaded it with explosive rhydonium. However, D-Squad boarded the ship after escaping Abafar, and with hopes of completing their mission, went to the bridge to hand in an encryption module. They were confronted by the droid, who ordered them to surrender or be destroyed. D-Squad fled, and the tactical droid sent a squad of Security Battle Droids after them. When that didn't work, the droid sent a large number of Pistoeka sabotage droids to find the Republic droids. That didn't work either, as M5-BZ sacrificed himself to jettison all the buzz droids into hyperspace. Soon, the Star Destroyer reached its destination. The super tactical droid went to arm the detonator, but was met by R2-D2, who fought the droid in a brief skirmish. At the end, R2 severed one of the tactical droid's arms, and prepared the detonator to explode early. The droid begged R2 to stop, but R2 triggered the bomb. The resulting explosion destroyed the super tactical droid.[2]

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