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A super tactical droid was in active service to the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.[2] In the year 19 BBY,[1] he served under Admiral Trench during the battle[2] for the Republic's vital shipyards on Anaxes. During the course of the campaign, Trench had been using the Republic's strategy algorithms to gain the upper hand, using the Techno Union's test subject on Skako Minor, a captured ARC trooper named "Echo."[4]

The super tactical droid was present alongside Trench aboard the Admiral's dreadnought, commanding the Confederate forces from above. The tactical droid informed Trench that the assembly plant has come under attack, only for the Harch Admiral to smile and remarked that he will use the Republic's arrogance and desperation to his advantage. Unknown to them that the flagship had been infiltrated by Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, the newly-rescued Echo, and the Bad Batch. Still unaware of the recent events that had transpired on Skako Minor, Admiral Trench orders the tactical droid to contact Skako Minor for Echo's algorithm. By this time, Echo and Tech had already intercepted the ship's interface unit and were able to mask Echo's transmission as originating from Skako Minor, fooling Trench. The tactical droid relayed Echo's algorithm, advising the Admiral to mobilize all troops to the assembly plant, claiming that the Republic would send all their reinforcements there due to their faith in the Jedi. The Admiral gloated and ordered the tactical droid to deploy more reinforcements to the assembly plant to crush all Republic forces with one strike.

As Confederate reinforcements arrive and begin to overwhelm both Generals Windu and Kenobi's forces, Echo then issued the pulse shutting down all of the Separatist droids. Trench is shocked by the algorithm's failure. The tactical droid then informs him that the source of the pulse originated on his dreadnought. Realizing that intruders are aboard his ship, Trench ordered the tactical droid to dispatch battle droids to locate them. The tactical droid then asked the Admiral on how they were to deal with their apparent defeat on Anaxes, Trench responded by switching to his own strategy, utter annihilation on his Republic foes through a bomb planted on the assembly plant's fusion reactor. While both Windu and Echo work together via transmission to decipher the bomb's shut down sequence, the tactical droid was able to trace back the source of the pulse and jams its signal. This has the effect of electrocuting Echo, rendering him unconscious before he could transmit the last sequence. Confident that his victory is assured, Trench ordered the tactical droid to send more troops to deal with the clone infiltrators and prepare landing crafts for their next assault on Anaxes. As they were about to exit the command bridge, they are shocked by the sudden arrival of Anakin. The Jedi then proceeded to strike down the tactical droid.


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