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A creature with tentacles was found on the moon Trask. Around 9 ABY,[2] a member of this species was found inside the Razor Crest after it was repaired by a local dock worker. Inside the Razor Crest, the creature descended upon Grogu until it was crushed by Din Djarin. Afterwards, it was eaten by Grogu.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"For the marine creature we see at the end, we talked about using the same asset; but everyone thought this one should be more threatening. We needed to believe that the baby was in some peril."
―Hal Hickel, in Cinefex 172[src]

The creature first appeared in the Mandalorian Season Two episode "Chapter 11: The Heiress," which was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, written by Jon Favreau, and first aired on November 13, 2020.[3] The creature appears near the end of the episode and approaches Grogu. According to animation director Hal Hickel, the production considered reusing a creature from earlier in the episode, but it was decided that a more threatening creature was needed.[4]

Although the creature is not named in the episode,[1] it was called an "octo-crab" during production.[4] A similarly-named octo-fish was previously mentioned in the 2017 novel Aftermath: Empire's End.[5]


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