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Darth Tenebrous: "Continue your efforts to deactivate the unit."
Treddroid: "I will, sir. To do that, however, I will need to remain here."
Darth Tenebrous: "What of it?"
Treddroid: "Should I fail in my efforts, the ensuing explosion will surely result in my destruction."
Darth Plagueis: "You've been useful, droid."
―The two Sith Lords and the treddroid[src]

A treddroid served the Dark Lords of the Sith Darth Tenebrous and Darth Plagueis on the planet Bal'demnic in 67 BBY while the two searched for valuable cortosis ore deposits. The treddroid was destroyed by an explosion when the EM-Two probe droid that the Sith were using to dig for the ore purposely hit a pocket of lethane gas near the cortosis.


"I'm sorry to report, sirs, that the gas is a highly combustible variant of lethane. The EM-Two unit predicts that the heat generated by its hydraulic jacks will ignite an explosion of significant magnitude."
―The treddroid informs the Sith of the gas[src]

In 67 BBY, a treddroid accompanied the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Tenebrous and his Sith apprentice, Darth Plagueis, along with an EM-Two probe droid, to the planet Bal'demnic. There, near the planet's Northern Sea, they searched for the rare and valuable ore known as cortosis. In a cave near the deposits, the treddroid monitored and communicated with the EM-Two as it evaluated the two lodes of cortosis that they found. However, while the probe droid was evaluating the second lode, it discovered a pocket of combustible lethane gas, which, if the probe droid continued drilling, would explode.[1]

The probe droid halted its drilling, and the treddroid informed the Sith of the gas pocket. The two had the probe droid resume and attempt to drill around the gas but momentarily ordered the treddroid to have it stop once again, as the probe droid was actually heading toward a bigger pocket of gas. The probe droid, who had been secretly tasked by Subtext Mining to kill the Sith, continued, deliberately attempting to detonate the gas, despite the treddroid's command to stop. After the treddroid's attempts at deactivating and destroying the probe failed, Plagueis complimented the droid for its usefulness before the Sith fled the area. Staying behind, the treddroid continued to try to deactivate the droid. The treddroid's efforts failed, and the explosion created by the gas destroyed it. Ultimately, only Plagueis survived, as he used the blast as a distraction to slay his Sith Master.[1]


"The unit's inability to respond—. The unit's refusal to respond appears to be deliberate."
―The treddroid, on the EM-Two's betrayal[src]

A stubby droid with treds, the treddroid possessed a screen attached to its head that could display a map of the EM-Two probe droid's movements, as well as a graphic analysis of the probe's scans. The treddroid was additionally able to communicate with and monitor the probe droid. As the Sith prepared to leave and ordered the treddroid to continue to attempt to deactivate the probe droid, the treddroid realized that it would be destroyed if it failed. It then thanked Plagueis for his comment on the treddroid's usefulness.[1]

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The treddroid first appeared in the 2012 novel Darth Plagueis, written by James Luceno.[1]


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